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About Space Coast Electric Vehicle Association (SCEVA)

The SCEVA is a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts in the Brevard County, Florida area who enjoy sharing information and learning more about electric vehicles.

As a member of the Space Coast EVA, you will have opportunities to share your stories and knowledge, as well as learn from other EV drivers and enthusiasts. You can also experience new and different EVs through various events and meetings.

We are a local Chapter of the National EVA. Members enjoy various discounts and educational opportunities, including virtual meetings, the EV Blog and the EV Educate™ Certificate Program. See the National Member Benefits page for more details about these and other membership perks.

Become a member of our local chapter by signing up on the National EVA website.

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Meetings are typically on the third Saturday of each month.



President Will Smith president@spacecoasteva.club

Vice President Bob Hathaway vicepresident@spacecoasteva.club

Treasurer Bill Bowden treasurer@spacecoasteva.club

Secretary Phil Stasik secretary@spacecoasteva.club

The SCEVA is open to partnering with businesses and organizations that share our vision of a bright future for personal transportation. Please contact us to discuss your interests.